Jerry Jones Press Conference Taken Over By Hardline

        Jerry "Mullet" Jones

        Jerry Mullet Jones

As mentioned in the previous post, with the absence of any connections with the Cowboys, The Ticket is back to their onslaught of pushing the envelope of jokes directed towards Jerry Jones and the Cowboys. All well deserved.

Today before the Wade Phillips press conference, Jerry Jones got up and went on about a 20 minute conversation about, well, I’m not real sure what he was saying. I think it was something to do with cheaper tickets in the general public type sections of the new stadium.

Anyhow, he rambled and rambled forever, all the while, Corby, Rhynes & Grubes spoke over what he was saying with Goobes playing the perfect drops as if someone was answering Jerry’s questions and/or comments. Figured it was worth a post.

My personal favorite was what Norm told Mike he had in his pants!!! Genius.

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  1. August 01, 2009 23:12 Reply

    God I love the Ticket. Thanks a million for posting this. You’re doing a wonderful job on this site.

  2. Mikeysize00
    August 03, 2009 13:04 Reply

    “My personal favorite was what Norm told Mike he had in his pants!!! Genius.”

    Where is this on the audio?

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