Hardline Pool Party – Meet the Wife Swap “God Warrior”

wife swap god warrior

It's the devil! Run!

Danny Balis decides to go back to the well of  Trading Spouses / Wife Swap for some more golden-delicious pool party content.  The formula for this television disaster?  Super Religious + Super Hippies = Epic Evangelical Trainwreck.

Apparently, this episode aired several years ago, so this story may have already made its internet rounds.  If you have seen it, it’s still entertaining to count the number of times she says “dork-sided”, “gorgeyels”, and “porty”.

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[Editor’s Note – Corby mentioned that the daughters would grow up to be like their mother – unfortunately not].

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  1. Human, Internets
    August 19, 2010 17:04 Reply

    Oh, it’s that bitch. There isn’t enough money or torture in the world to make me watch effin’ Wife Swap, but I was pretty sure that that audio was from her. I mean Jesus, she was meme’d all over the internet for weeks before the episode actually aired.

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