Hal Jay from WBAP

Hal Jay from WBAP stopped by during Gordo’s Corner and visited with the Musers. Great segment.

**Update** They talk about “Sam from Sales” and I found some recordings of it.

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  1. Mary Thornburg
    February 05, 2013 13:06 Reply

    For Hal Jauy: Listened to the interview about CSCOPE this morning.
    Not all the facts came out.
    Teachers sign “electronically” and agree NOT TO share lesson plans with parents. (How can they be required to do that in a public school?)
    Our district pays a lump sum ($50,000.00 up front) to start CSOPE then $9.00 per student afterwards. You will find that the list of CSCOPE users is predominantly 3A schools and down. These districts DO NOT have a Curriculum Director to “write” curriculum so they BUY it from the Region Centers. Funding for the Region centers was falling short and they found a way to “support” themselves selling curriculum. Interesting isn’t it?

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