Gordon Keith Goes Primetime

Gordon Keith Becomes TV StarNot sure if you caught the GK Show last night during prime time television, but it was definitely great to see Gordo get the publicity. I personally enjoy the show and try to watch it whenever I can or if the tivo/dvr works.

He had Mark Cuban on, which made for an exciting interview. Gordo asked what Cuban thought of Josh Howard admitting to smoking pot during the playoffs. Cuban stated he thought it was definitely a great mark on Mavs history. Love the honesty.

Then the fun came. I guess Cuban recently admitted he had tried pot before. Then he goes on to tell the story how his pothead roommates pinned him down and blew “shotguns” in his face. He claims he had to try it the ‘right way’ and smoked it another time, but just coughed and didn’t care for it much. HA! “Right!”

Gordo also had Adam Sandler, aka ‘The Sandman’, on the show. Except he wasn’t on the show. It was a recording from last Saturday, he said. It was a weird interview where Sandler claimed he would have sex with 100+ year old women, “if he wasn’t married”.

The show was pretty good, but either I was expecting more or it just wasn’t as good as other’s I’ve seen. Maybe he had to be a little more tame for prime time, although Cuban was throwing out quite a few curse words that had to be bleeped out. The worst part was when he ended the show saying they would be back during their ‘normal time’. I was kinda hoping they would move him to a good time from now on.

Way to be a TV Star Gordo.

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