Fake Mark Cuban & Fake Charlie Sheen Talk

Charlie Sheen Winning

Musers had fake Mark Cuban and Charlie Sheen on to discuss a deal with Charlie Sheen having a show on HDNET. Unfortunately Sheen doesn’t think Cuban is a winner like he is.

Sheen took shots at Cuban’s failed TV show, his basketball team and at Cubes himself. Fake Sheen might be a bit better at coming up with Sheenism’s than the real Sheen, meaning fake Sheen is winning.

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  1. scott
    March 07, 2011 09:31 Reply

    Spot on genious

  2. scott
    March 07, 2011 09:31 Reply

    This is completely unstable…awesome

  3. Homer
    March 07, 2011 19:44 Reply

    fastball; gordon’s fake sheen is his best new character in a while. do the math trolls.

  4. March 08, 2011 19:41 Reply

    was in tears laughing on way to work this morning

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