Fake Jerry and Fake Wade – The Rooney Rule

Fake Jerry popped on with the Musers this morning to discuss a minor obstacle that sits between him hiring Jason Garrett as the new Cowboys head coach: The Rooney Rule.  Fortunately, the Musers had a caller ready to interview on the spot.

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P.S. I enjoyed Big Strong Jer’s tweet about this topic tremendously.

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  1. January 03, 2011 15:05 Reply

    I hope Fake Wade continues to try to worm his way back into the Cowboys organization. He’s much funnier now that he’s been fired and he doesn’t have to be afraid of Jerry.

  2. Samuel L Jackson
    January 03, 2011 16:15 Reply

    Then I guess I’m part Chinese as well! 3 for 3!

  3. david S
    January 13, 2011 19:31 Reply

    Wade could continue as consultant to Jerry and help him critique their games each week.

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