Fake Amy Winehouse?

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It might be a ‘little’ soon on this, but whatever. I’m just making it so you can re-listen to the Ticket.

Fake Amy Winehouse called the Musers from heaven and talked to her about her heaven experiences so far. Her voice had a real bad ringing to it making it hard to hear, but she eventually passed it off to a special person.

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  1. JAB
    July 27, 2011 08:02 Reply

    Wayyy too soon for this. The day after OBL dies is one thing, as he deserved the biggest Walk of Shame of all time. This woman came out with brilliant music/didn’t hurt anyone, tragically became a crack addict and was then the butt of jokes for 4 years as she wasted away with emphysema and addiction. So sad.

    And all good man, we know not to kill the messenger…it’s not like you did the bit! Thanks for the Inappropriate Shirt post btw. Greatness.

  2. Fake Conrad
    March 16, 2014 10:04 Reply

    į’vę ŋęvęŗ ђęāŗd ţђįş oŋę. ђįlāŗįoųş! āŋd ŗęāgāŋ įş goŗdoŋ’ş moşţ įŋşāŋę çђāŗāçţęŗ.

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