Doyle King Interview

Finally, someone talks with Doyle King. He fills in for Barb Smith and has a very deep voice. Very similar to Pipes, for those who know who that is. You often hear the drop of “I’m Doyle King” or “Go Mavs! I’m Doyle King”. The Hardline often starts with Rhyner introducing himself, then Doyle King introduces himself.

Gordon asked Doyle lots of personal questions and he was strikingly honest about them all. Here are a few things:

  • Do Cocaine? … YES
  • Smoke Pot? … YES
  • Smoke Crack? … YES and lost everything I owned in one month
  • How many women have you had? … Possibly 100 or more
  • He spoke of having women come in at old DJ job and service him under the desk
  • Worked with “Red Beard” and said he was a complete jerk

If anyone has the audio let me know. (Brian, shoot me an email if you do at dp [at]

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  1. Jerusalem Jackson
    March 01, 2008 17:33 Reply

    that was hilarious. I think I’m a fan of Doyles in a weird way. he seems like this weathered seedy partier radio guy with a bunch of stories…good and bad.


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