Double Rainbow – What Does This Mean?

You may have been subjected to this trippy video recently while lurking about the internet in search of new data for your fantasy hockey folder:

It may have intrigued you so much that you may have even clicked on the auto-tuned remix:

Most people would realize that despite the fact that the chick at the end of the remixed video is wearing a tanktop, this double-rainbow thing isn’t worthy of being saved in the same directory as “two girls, one cup”, and they’d move on.  But oh no, not Sturm and Drong – they’ll scour the corners of the earth to find the author, get his HSO’s, determine his political opinions and time permitting, find out his hopes and dreams.  And noon-to-three P1’s love them for it.

Here he is, Paul Vasquez, aka hungrybear9562 on YouTube, with Bob and Dan:

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