Do You Like This Gig? Greggo Greatness

This is probably one of the best classic Ticket moments. Motorcycle Greggo “The Hammer” Williams has so many golden audio clips, but not many stack up against the Greggo vs. David Kunkle moment. I thought I would transcribe the audio just in case this is your first time hearing it and are in disbelief of what you’re hearing.

Greggo: We’re talking to the number one cop in Dallas, the #1 cop, the commissioner, chief of police, David Kunkle.

What umm, do you like this gig?

Kunkle: No. I, I, uh, uh, uh love my job. It’s a. .. .

Greggo: I the, that wasn’t the question. Do you…do do do you like your job?

Kunkle: No, I said, do i love, maybe i didn’t understand the question.

Greggo: Ok. I, I mean do you like being chief of police.
Long live Greggo!

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