Dixon Edwards addresses “You Know” on The Hardline

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I didn’t realize the Dixon Edwards “You Know” audio didn’t exist on this site until I saw DP post the Billy Zabka exhibition today and mention “a Cowboy, but can’t remember” as being the worst “You Know” artist of all time. I don’t think the story requires much explanation.

After he retired, Dixon Edwards stopped by and visited The Hardline and after a minute and a half or so of them acting like they cared about his career and life after Dallas, they got into the subject of his infamous string of “You Know”s that he had unleased on them in a phone interview they had with him on the day after he left Dallas to sign with the Vikings. The clip is played a few times in the interview, so lets all rise and face the north and pay heed once again… to Dixon Edwards, You Know.

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  1. ScheduleForHumanBeings
    July 02, 2012 12:07 Reply

    these days Mike puts up a good challenge. He can’t complete a sentence without throwing down at least one “you know.”

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