Corby undresses TC over 8:40 bit

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Corby & Danny at Mavs vs Trailblazers

Corby takes umbrage over TC calling his home late at night to record for a questionably amusing (but definitely desperate) 8:40 bit.

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  1. Concerned Parent
    June 30, 2011 04:10 Reply

    Corby looks really bad in all of this, he should have just taken it in stride. And Hanging up on bob and dan over it? What a little b.

    Corby and Danny were just pissed because they could NEVER put out anything as entertaining as Jake and TC do on it’s just banter, if their lives depended on it.

    Corby the backstabber is feeling threatened.

    It’s a shame that old grey wolf has to be saddled up with whiny self important cobra

  2. BSFGF
    June 30, 2011 18:50 Reply

    The Corby = Chris Chris comment above is also spot on.

    One of the most amazing pieces of audio is when Corby told the story of how he ended up courtside at the Heat/Mavs game. The story is entertaining enough for a segment but when he got to the point of “seeing Cubes” and “talking to Cubes” and how “Cubes just laughed that I was there”, it was as if Dave Mathews was going to fire up any second. I promise Gordon could have read the text of that segment as an 8:40 Chris Chris bit and we would have never known it was Authentic Corby.

  3. Christy
    June 30, 2011 22:38 Reply

    While I agree with you that TC himself wasn’t funny in this prank/bit and that message boards are filled with vitriolic you wouldn’t normally hear in normal social settings, Corby himself said he would have killed TC if TC had woken up his kids.

    Also, TC was popping off to Corby because he thought Corby addressing his bit was a bit in and of itself and that he was supposed to play along and pop off. That’s what he said when he was BaD Radio the next day and Corby called in: that he was genuinely sorry for waking Corby and his family up and he would have said as much on the phone call had he known Corby was being genuine in his feelings and was not playing radio.

    While the posters who are ripping Corby may be too hateful, let’s not lose the point they’re all making: they aren’t pleased that one of the original yuck monkies himself is overreacting to TC attempting to prank him. AND that Corby is losing sight of what Bob pointed out: the bit turned out to be funny after all – albeit having nothing to do with TC himself. Why deny an underling his 2 seconds of fame?

  4. Dana
    July 02, 2011 10:15 Reply

    I’m back! One post today.

    After listening to the Orphanage this morning (I decided that while I don’t LIKE these guys, it’s much like anything I have to do in real life, where I don’t have to LIKE the people that I conduct business with, they just have a job to do, and in this case the job is to entertain me, not to make me LIKE you) I heard Danny say that “people don’t like Corby any less after this, it’s just given them traction” (paraphrased).

    Well, Danny, let me assure you…I had absolutely no problem with Corby before Tuesday. Like I said, 12-year P1.

    Today? After hearing his reaction again, once TC started standing up to him? To Corby: fuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUUCK you, chief. Your arrogance is the stuff legends are made of.

    Well done, TC. Waking people up in the middle of the night was a little sorry, but in your business, ratings are all that matter (Corby knows that as well as anyone).

  5. chris
    July 02, 2011 14:25 Reply

    Funny bit! Corby has gone soft

  6. Internet P1
    July 02, 2011 20:21 Reply

    BSFGF– kudos for crystallizing my ‘Chris Chris’ sentiment. I’ve been enjoying the Cobra’s radio work since he was Chris Arnold’s mid-morning yuck monkey, way back when I was trudging through summer chemistry classes at SMU. Back then, there was something egalitarian about the station and its us-against-the-world Average Joe underdog hosts… now, it’s an overgrown pantheon of supremely entitled “hosts” and a teeming harem of unwashed underlings, lips gently parted and anxious for the career-making fluff (see Danny). This is Rome gone crazily hedonic in the oblivious, heady days before the fall. Even Gordo used the recent tsunami to soullessly promote his tweets.

    Very sad, indeed. My wife and I are both physicians and we have a young toddler at home. If the Cobra wants a ‘real’ taste of reality (‘real people’ with ‘real lives’ as he put it), try fielding seven emergency phone calls in the dead of night and then arising at 5:30 AM to perform surgery. But I’m sure that four-hour, six-figure sinecure he calls a “job” is tough, too…

  7. jc
    July 05, 2011 15:33 Reply

    Hey Danny, remove your nose from corby’s buttocks, cj my ass!

  8. jc
    July 05, 2011 15:37 Reply

    Easy does it Julie Davidson!

  9. jc
    July 05, 2011 15:39 Reply

    Mike and TC would be greatness. Mike does like TC.

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