Corby & Doyle Do Dallas

Traffic. While Doyle was doing his traffic report, Corby thought he’d chime in and help Doyle. Doyle handed it off to him for the sponsor and fun began. They also did this photo shoot after it was done and we got our hands on it.

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  1. Stephen
    July 06, 2011 18:07 Reply

    You have audio of TC doing Bad Radio’s interviewing bit from yesterday? I was listening in the car but had some other obligations and didnt get to listen. Thanks!

  2. Hotdog Neck
    July 06, 2011 18:07 Reply

    It’s masterful and speedy responses like this post that make The Unticket so Ticket friendly.

  3. July 07, 2011 12:43 Reply

    Other obligations in the car, huh? *wink*

    No problem, sir, we’ve got you covered. Just don’t brake too suddenly.

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