Concert Calender 9-3-04

Lyle Lovett>Blackie And The Rodeo Kings>The Queers>Rusty Weir>Wayne Hancock>Tantric>Chris Knight>Los Lonely Boys>Phil Collins>Chevy Van>Sparrows>Queen For A Day>Aaron Carter>Sorta>Peter Schmidt>Mad Mexican>Merle Haggard>Clay Aiken>Blue October>Coconut Frank>Rogue Wave>Joan Jett>Pat Dinizio>James McMurtry>and at The Reconsider Lounge: Turd Thrower>Butt Fist>Rug Burns from Daddy

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  1. Tearra
    January 07, 2015 15:21 Reply

    Hi. Can you load up the audio from when yesterday’s earthquake struck? I want to hear Donnie’s panic again.

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