The Ticket

This site doesn’t exist without The Ticket 1310 AM KTCK. They have a perfect mix of guy talk and sports with it’s listeners (P1’s) latching on to a teet and never letting go.

The Ticket on-air crew are what make this station kick ass. Ever wonder wear they rank in the nation of broadcasters? How about how popular they are with twitter followers? Here ya go. Real-time data for your bottom.

Host Show PowerGrid   Followers
Gordon Keith Musers 5:30am-10am 13   42,282
Bob Sturm BaD Radio 12pm-3pm 36   36,240
Craig Miller Musers 5:30am-10am 119   34,239
Corby Davidson Hardline 3pm-7pm 115   26,169
George Dunham Musers 5:30am-10am 59   23,355
Mike Rhyner Hardline 3pm-7pm 103   22,396
Michael Gruber Board Magic 12pm-7pm   19,679
Dan McDowell BaD Radio 12pm-3pm 100   17,130
Danny Balis The Orphanage (Sat) 10am-12pm   14,325
Sean Bass Man of Many Tricks   10,168
Ty Walker Porn Birthdays-n-stuff   9,931
Norm Hitzges Norm 10am-12pm 56   7,834
Mike Sirois Cirque Du Sirois (Sun) 11am-1pm   6,928
Tom Gribble BaD Radio 12pm-3pm   6,061
TC Fleming BaD Radio 12pm-3pm   5,978
Rich Phillips Race Week (Sat) 2pm-3pm   5,102
Killer Kellison Engineer Dude   5,004
Cash Sirois Cirque Du Sirois (Sun) 11am-1pm   4,318
Jeremy Moran Board Magic 5:30am-12pm   3,516
David Newbury The Scrubs (Sat) 12pm-2pm   2,620
Kevin Turner Overnight Board Op   2,164
Matt McClearin The Scrubs (Sat) 12pm-2pm   1,920
George DeJohn Train Station Fitness (Sat) 7am-8am   1,732
Michael Krenek Ticket Tickers   1,638
Dave Lane The Orphanage (Sat) 10am-12pm   1,535
Rick Arnett The Teebox (Sat) 8am-10am   1,530
Donovan Lewis BaD Radio 12pm-3pm 74   1,445
Mike Marshall Producer / Board Op   946
Scot Harrison The Soul Patch (Sun) 8am-11am   833
Craig Rosengarden The Teebox (Sat) 8am-10am   521
Casey Millen Ticket Tickers   254
Roy White Producer / Board Op   198


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  1. April 20, 2011 20:22 Reply

    Do you like things??

    • Human, Internets
      June 10, 2011 20:18 Reply

      I like lists.

  2. SnC
    June 11, 2011 03:47 Reply

    no TC?

  3. June 11, 2011 15:36 Reply

    I don’t do tickers by the way. I board op and produce Cirque. I do appreciate the mention though.

    • June 13, 2011 14:30 Reply

      sorry Mike…I know the names, but the actual gigs I was struggling with. There’s probably more I screwed up too, so feel free to fill me in on other mistakes

  4. June 12, 2011 00:20 Reply

    Looks like we missed one – Roy White, producer of The Soulpatch:

    Matt McClearin insists on calling him “the big boy toy full of joy”…sooo, how ’bout we just go with “Roy”.

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