by DP on May 10, 2012 · 395 comments

Hi friend. We’ve temporarily taken the show archives page down. We’ve had a big spike of downloads and it’s causing issues with streaming. We are looking for a solution and hope to have it back on soon. Stay strong.

If you can’t wait, we do have the P1 account option. It will give you access to the podcast feed(s) for the shows you want to listen to, as well as a player to stream the archives. You can subscribe to one, two or all shows. Just make sure you follow this link to signup in order for the special P1 account to work:

With the free player on this page, we’ve consumed 5.5 terabytes of bandwidth in 15 days. My host has been forgiving but finally put a ceiling on us. We had to allow paying customers to not be interrupted and disable this player. If you know of a host that is ok with 100 mbps continuous bandwidth usage and I’m guessing 10-15 terabytes…or more in a month, let me know. Email dp@theunticket. Maybe there’s a good strong P1 host out there that can work with us.

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