Pulling Back The Curtain – Musers Explain the 2012 Encoding Snafu

Cumulus Phone System

January was a difficult month for the Little Ticket. Those who count on the Musers, Norm, BaD Radio and The Hardline to maintain their sanity know that the transition to the new Victory studios was perhaps the most poorly-planned move in the history of movement, bowel or otherwise. The Musers were forced to pull back the curtain this morning and explain how an act of technical incompetence led to KTCK earning 0.0 ratings for two straight weeks last month, which may result in The Ticket temporarily losing it’s number one spot for the first time in forever.

If you love the little ticket, you’ll do a two things: 1) Tell a friend about the ticket, and 2) point people here when they ask “what happened to the ticket?!?”

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