George Dunham Has Something to Say


Joyce Durham, Ja, Jub Jub .. known as George Dunham …

has a statement to make

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6 Leave a Reply to Good stuff

  1. October 01, 2009 07:01 Reply

    Me likes

  2. October 05, 2009 12:35 Reply

    Nice impersonation, but enough’s enough. We DO want audio, Tom!!!

  3. October 06, 2009 13:35 Reply

    Juan has a good point…I’m starting to have withdrawls. I rely on to get me through my work week, and I’ve already listened to every segment and bit on this thing at least 4 times. Is Doanwanna dead? If so, someone please put the paddles to his chest (“CLEAR!”)

  4. October 06, 2009 16:51 Reply

    thanks for the life saving paddles! i’m alive again.

    was on a little vacation, so haven’t been slacking at work doing unticket work. Back at it tomorrow and will do my best to get caught up.

  5. Rob
    October 06, 2009 16:57 Reply

    Appreciate ya pal

  6. October 07, 2009 07:44 Reply

    Grreat…You deserve a vacation every once in awhile, but it would be nice if you’d let me know in advance so I can correlate my vacation days with your vacations days. (Nip)

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