Muse in the News

Muse in the News is a daily segment in the Musers program that happens around 7:10AM or so. As other audio archive pages, the audio is unedited. This means it could cut off early, be screwed up, has commercials … and could just all around suck. Apologies if it does, but it’s an easy way to get all of this audio out for everyone to hear.

*Update* These little players are kind of failed after so many items load up, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, go to the set directly on TheUnTicket soundcloud. Non-flash devices also work there too.


  1. nick
    August 15, 2010 00:01 Reply


  2. August 17, 2010 10:23 Reply

    bits are fun. but muse in the news and the corner are fun too. thanks

  3. livegoldfish
    September 07, 2010 19:47 Reply

    pleaseeeeeeeeee update

  4. jbusiness
    October 04, 2010 21:34 Reply

    Greatness! Hell of a service you’re doin’ for the community, sir.

  5. Grex
    October 19, 2010 14:10 Reply

    Can you update this please?

  6. October 19, 2010 15:45 Reply

    Poop takes care of this stuff, and he’s out of town (pray for him). I’ll ask him to take care of it when he gets back.

    Uh, until then, uh, Stay Hard, I guess?

  7. sweet greggo
    January 26, 2011 18:44 Reply

    If you have today’s I’d love to hear it again!

  8. P1 Blake
    March 09, 2011 01:23 Reply

    Desperately hoping for an update on MITN audio soon

    • tdub
      March 10, 2011 07:06 Reply

      love the service at the unticket, but totally agree…would be great to have some audio updates for mitn and the corner

      • March 10, 2011 14:15 Reply

        it’s up to date, have you tried looking on soundcloud? I think these widgets they dish out crap out after so many items.

        • tdub
          March 10, 2011 17:18 Reply

          works great…thanks! i didn’t realize that was the case, so now there’s a lot to catch up on – greatness

        • P1 Blake
          March 11, 2011 23:54 Reply

          Thanks DP!

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