by DP on January 29, 2008 · 2 comments

Want to advertise on the little ‘un’ticket?

Forms of payment we accept are;

  • Sports Tickets (Cowboys, Mavs, Stars, Desperados only)
  • Beer (Bud Light, Miller Light)
  • Whiskey (Seagrams 7 or Jack Daniels)
  • Concert Tickets (Only good music, inquire ahead of time)
  • Blog Participation (100 comments in a month gets a free month)
  • Free Lunch and/or Dinner (Inquire ahead we may not like your food)

The type of ad we’ll display is a 125 x 125 banner. If you have another creative way to pay for advertising, “let me hear from ya”! You can email me, Doanwanna Poopoo at DP{@}theunticket{.}com. (just make sure you remove the {}’s)

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