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TheUnTicket.com is all about The Ticket. More about their funny bits. There is so much great audio that comes from the shows, but most of us can’t listen non-stop. They do have the Top 10, but let’s be honest, who listens to the radio between 7-9pm??

People behind TheUnTicket.com is whoever wants to be. If you want to participate, let us know. We welcome additional P1’s, 2’s or 3’s. We’re all just made up of hardcore listeners to the best radio station in the entire world. Even better than Howard Stern or The Zoo.

If you are interested in writing here, sending pics or audio to be published, hate mail or just to electronically discuss the world in general, send us a message with the form below.

Form sucked…just email dp@theunticket.


  1. April 06, 2010 12:33 Reply

    if you want to send some audio, please just send a direct email to:

    dp ** @ ** theunticket.com (without the asterisks)

  2. Jeff Royal
    April 24, 2010 21:46 Reply

    Can we no longer download and save .mp3 files?

  3. Jay
    May 10, 2010 18:57 Reply

    I was wondering the same thing. It would be awesome to be able to listen to these while I am at work from my ipod.

  4. Dave Castilleja
    July 09, 2010 20:40 Reply

    I was hoping someone could find and post the E-News segment from June 30, 2008, or if the entire Hardline podcast exists for that day, I haven’t been able to track it down. I know that’s a long time ago, but I would really appreciate it!

    Thanks in advance.

  5. August 04, 2010 13:17 Reply

    Hey Doowanna! Great job–been a fan for a long time and shown or recommended this site to many friends and co-workers here at the office. I’d like to make a request if possible. This mornings fake Nolan and fake Cuban bid war was downright classic! Please, please post this if you can. I’d really appreciate it. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  6. Mike Fowler
    September 17, 2010 20:59 Reply


    • stickman
      January 18, 2011 18:13 Reply

      hey its stickman!

  7. Mike Fowler
    November 19, 2010 22:01 Reply


  8. Joey Brantley
    November 30, 2010 10:11 Reply

    Anyone have access to the Muser audio from June 1, 2010. Specifically Junior talking about his run-in the homeless woman at Katy Trail when she calls him a son of a bitch. Please somebody have it, it’s freaking hilarious!

  9. P1Jarod
    February 19, 2011 00:37 Reply

    First of all: great job, keep it up!! 2nd: I hope all the audio you’re collecting is being put in a time capsule so a 1000 years from now people will still know about the greatness of the little ticket and the people that make it so. Ok, so yesterday (2/17/11) a fellow P1 friend told me the Musers replayed some old audio of a Gordo interview John Wiley Price. I didnt get a chance to hear it but he said it was the best Gordo interview ever and extremely tense. I would be much appreciative if someone could post that. I love you. Bye

    • February 19, 2011 01:17 Reply

      yeah, unfortunately I deleted all of my 840 bit audio and a few other archives tonight. Tried to automate things and accidentally deleted some of it. I think some of our comrades might have the audio, though. There is an audio request section on this site…if you post what you want there, I bet the guy who monitors that part will post it. Hopefully. stay real hard p1 jarod…like no man has ever told you before…stay real hard. I mean that in the most ticket friendly way possible, fyi. “I ain’t no queer”

  10. micmonto
    September 14, 2011 14:33 Reply

    Anyone have Crazy Prospector from this morning?

  11. warren
    May 23, 2012 17:18 Reply

    HAVE YOU QUIT?? 5/23/12

  12. Tim Webb
    June 27, 2012 17:08 Reply

    Can anyone direct me to the interview that The Musers have played and referenced about the Arab guy that keeps calling some lady a bitch all throughout the interview. I say “..and she is a bitch” in an Arab accent all the time and I want to share with my friends, this joy I have found.

  13. Dr. Strangelove
    September 25, 2012 20:56 Reply

    DId you get this morning’s O-Deck with the amazing, user-submitted fart? I laughed myself stupid while out walking the dog listening to it.

    • Dr_Strangelove
      September 27, 2012 16:48 Reply


  14. Robert conger
    December 28, 2012 17:33 Reply

    I need help please!!! I called Norm and Donnie after the Cowboy / Saints game. I got on as “Jimbo” from Washington. I gave Norm the business and we had a great call that ended with Norm saying “that might have been the best call ever!” can you please please help me find that audio?!? Please P1s or Unticket staff… Help this radio gold surface

  15. kim geracie
    January 31, 2013 09:31 Reply

    Would love to hear Norm’s interviews w/Jerry Kramer & Rocky Bleir from yesterday (1/30/13). Thanks!!

    • January 31, 2013 10:38 Reply

      look on show archives, Norm’s shows are on there

  16. Trey
    June 20, 2013 14:48 Reply

    Wuzzle-If you have this please post. Effing genius bit.

  17. G
    July 20, 2013 07:43 Reply

    Is the audio of Norm wanting Gordo fired after JFK Jrs death up somewhere?

  18. Chisum Cooke
    July 27, 2013 11:15 Reply

    Have the Cirois bros left the ticket? Heard some ominous foreshadowing on TC’s countdown this week. With what they out BaD through I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Hope not. Like those guys. Thanks

  19. September 06, 2013 06:36 Reply

    Please post this week’s fake George Bush 43 talking to the Musers about his museum. Thanks.

  20. kunle
    October 08, 2013 08:03 Reply

    hello, i m an Andriod user and have issues downloading the iHeart radio app on my phone, PLS HELP!!!

  21. Manny
    December 09, 2013 19:52 Reply

    Did Junior Miller get divorced?

  22. FudgementDay
    December 09, 2013 20:10 Reply

    Is something wrong with the RSS feed? http://feeds.feedburner.com/theunticket?format=xml worked up until the 11/11/13 Nigel bit, and now it just gives me an empty feed with a “PowerPress” icon. Help! Need more Unticket!

    Also, bottom.

    • December 10, 2013 15:58 Reply

      Opening the link, I see everything there. You still not seeing anything?

      • FudgementDay
        December 10, 2013 17:37 Reply

        Yeah, I see content in a browser, the software I was using to grab the feed just stopped working. If no one else is complaining about it, I’ll just assume it’s something on my end. Thanks!

      • FudgementDay
        December 10, 2013 20:46 Reply

        Well, except it doesn’t work on my iPhone Podcasts app either. I go to http://www.theunticket.com, turn off the Mobile site, hit the Subscribe link, and I just get an empty feed:


        After hitting “Add Old Episodes”:


        • December 11, 2013 14:04 Reply

          can you see if it is working now? I updated the plugin that gives the podcasts. Let me know

          • FudgementDay
            December 11, 2013 18:03

            Nope, still no episodes showing up.

          • FudgementDay
            December 18, 2013 20:20

            By the way, from what I can tell, the feed no longer has the element inside the section, which is how podcast readers know where to download the episodes. Seems like something changed in November, it’s a valid feed but there are no longer podcast tags in it.


          • FudgementDay
            December 18, 2013 20:25

            Scratch that, looks like the stuff is there, but maybe just doesn’t point to an episode? It just points to things like http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/theunticket/~3/hsYyeGIq7nM/ instead of to the actual audio.


  23. FudgementDay
    December 18, 2013 21:00 Reply

    Last one, then I’ll shut up. You can see the difference at http://castfeedvalidator.com/. If you look at the “official” Ticket feed (http://stationcaster.com/stations/ktck/rss/?c=4891) you can see it pulls up individual episodes, with duration, size, etc. However, if you check http://feeds.feedburner.com/theunticket you can see there’s no episodes / enclosure info, which is why the feed appears to have no podcast episodes.


  24. Russell
    January 03, 2015 11:51 Reply

    Do you have the Jerry Clower “Haaawwww” drop ? I have been scouring to make it a text tone for years and cannot find it.

  25. Darin
    August 05, 2015 08:38 Reply

    Crisis…….I’m looking for the classic Bob Sturm Rangers rant several years back about how horrific their hitting was, etc. Then (was it that night?) they go on to score their highest scoring game in modern history (8-22-07). The score was 30-3. (That was game 1 of a double-header. They also won game 2 by the score of 9-7.)

  26. Lawrence
    January 04, 2016 18:33 Reply

    I really want the Bob It’s Me alarm. Can we not download these?

  27. P1 Jay
    January 15, 2016 11:37 Reply

    Would love to have the ticketstock 2016 theme song from Donny.

  28. Will
    January 22, 2016 11:51 Reply

    Does anyone remember what show had the segment where they were making fun of all of the Darwin criminals that turned themselves in?

  29. Jeff Royal
    August 26, 2016 15:57 Reply

    Hello, love the site and I subscribe to the ticket podcasts. I
    appreciate the work you do. Is there any chance you can post the
    Cowboys postgame show after every game with Norm and Donny? I record
    the streaming audio and play it back at work the next day, but it would
    be a lot easier if you did all the work instead Thanks, Jeff , New
    Braunfels, Tx.

  30. Brady Speers
    September 17, 2016 20:02 Reply

    Love this site guys! About to leave on a 14 hour plane trip to Korea and these MP3s will make it fly.

  31. Robustiano Matamoros
    May 12, 2017 10:38 Reply

    As someone who was only listening to the occasional OMG or E-Brake segment, $5 per month is overpriced. Would you consider adding a free-tier to uSaveIt? I’m listening to maybe 2 hours per month. I realize it’s not free to provide this service, but is it really necessary to charge 100% of your users for access?

    • May 19, 2017 06:07 Reply

      there is the free option at uSave.it. uSave.it is a personal recorder you can use for free to record and listen. Just always remember to listen on the radio first and foremost. Ratings keep our favorite show going.

      • Robustiano Matamoros
        May 21, 2017 18:01 Reply

        Hey, thanks! I thought you wouldn’t be posting e-brake anymore but I see there are still recent ones getting posted. Thanks a bunch!

  32. Michael
    July 09, 2017 22:57 Reply

    Was trying to download soe audito from 2015 and it wouldn’t give me a file or even play it. Is there a way to get old audio files that appear to be in the system still?

  33. Michael Bowen
    August 11, 2017 07:41 Reply

    What happened to OMG?

    • September 08, 2017 14:52 Reply

      it’s on uSave.it now

  34. Hot Dog Condiments
    December 10, 2017 17:36 Reply

    What day on WTDS in 2017 was the first time that they played the whole Greggo cell phone lost/OnStar audio? That day they played the whole thing – couple minutes. Now the just play drops. I want to re-lsiten the whole audio.

  35. Mark
    April 10, 2018 14:43 Reply

    I’ve searched for a long time now but have never been able to find the segment where a listened wrote a long email to Corby about having somehow snuck into press area for Colts post-game and actually got in a question. Any idea of this is anywhere on Unticket.com or USave?

  36. Ade Kunle
    November 25, 2018 22:54 Reply

    Hello All,
    Thank you for all that you do to your bodies. I want to ask about the UNTICKET page on SoundCloud.
    Does this no longer exist or did it move?


    Thanks and STAY HARD

  37. P1 OCon
    May 06, 2019 12:42 Reply

    Anyone have the audio of the Campout/Campound from 2013 – 2014? I think those are the only 2 years that I can’t find on the UT

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