White Elephant Day Draw 2011


White Elephant Day

Catttttt dropped by BaD Radio’s show to deliver the results of the 2011 Ticket White Elephant Day.


  • All crews work together on a particular shift (?)
  • Within that shift, every hour, duties will change (i.e. ticker/producer/host rotate)
  • Hosts can’t work with other normal hosts

Morning Drive:
Producer: Killer
Ticker: Sean Bass
Host 1: Norm Hitzges
Host 2: Corby Davidson
Yuk Monkey: Bob Sturm

Producer: Tom Gribble
Ticker: Donovan Lewis
Host: Gordon Keith

Producer: Danny Balis
Ticker: Donovan Lewis
Host 1: George Dunham
Host 2: Mike Rhyner

Afternoon Drive:
Producer: Fernando
Ticker: Rich Phillips
Host 1: Junior Miller
Host 2: Ty Walker
Yuk Monkey: Dan McDowell

Audio of the segment:

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5 Leave a Reply to Samuel L Jackson

  1. Tom
    November 28, 2011 19:04 Reply

    I don’t think producers switch to any other role.

    Also, this’ll be on Wednesday, Dec. 7… no?

    We gotta get all two hours of Gordo’s shift. Should be a good mini-Rant. What do you bet he takes calls the entire time?

    Also, “the great thing about racism” is… he’ll be paired with Donnie. Should be an interesting mix!

    • November 28, 2011 22:52 Reply

      “I think you’re wrong”

      (check the audio; I was only half-listening)

    • Cobby Lewis
      November 29, 2011 18:22 Reply

      I’m hoping for him doing Fake Norm for about an hour like he’s done before. That makes for great radio

  2. vag slice born born cousin
    November 29, 2011 15:49 Reply

    Am I the only one that is whipped by white elephant day? Forced chemistry is not entertaining to me, i.e. Donnie with BAD everyday.

  3. Samuel L Jackson
    November 29, 2011 16:20 Reply

    The heinous!

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