Ticket Football Theater – 10.27.13 – Boys vs Lions

by DP on October 28, 2013 · 8 comments

Here’s the full Football Theater from the Cowboys vs Lions game. If you plan on watching and listening to it, here’s a few tips that might be helpful.

  • When the Ticket goes to break, their commercials usually go longer than the TV commercials.
  • Even though you are in sync with Ticket before commercials, get ready to re-sync after. Seemed they would get ahead of me somehow.
  • Gordo did it several times, but listen to someone counting down the game clock to help you sync up.
  • I found the best way was to have tv audio on so I could hear them and treat the ticket guys like friends hanging out in the kitchen chiming in on the game occasionally.
  • Enjoy ticket theater, because the game sucked.

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