Mike Rhyner’s Old Chic Talks To Corby

FM Mike Rhyner

FM Mike Rhyner

Corby was wondering around GNO and evidently this one young lady felt she needed to get to Corby. Her way to do this was through her friend who dated Mike Rhyner some 28 years ago.

The interview is really confusing with everyone talking. Gordon has some really shocking fake Rhyner comments. Bob pisses her off with his squeaky voice questions and Bob just laughed over everything the whole time. Corby was right that he should have been the one talking. I wouldn’t have been angry with properly placed fake Rhyner by Gordon.

This would have been a lot better with the visual aspect. If someone would have taken video of Rhyner in the back staring down Corby and put that with this audio, perfect. Anyhow, here’s the audio from the Hardline. She didn’t remember much, but he sure seemed to. Then again, Rhyner has a pretty good memory (Band Player People).

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  1. matma
    July 08, 2009 18:37 Reply

    audio doesn’t start till 17:30

  2. Nip Nip
    July 08, 2009 20:14 Reply

    Is this silent for anyone else? I can’t hear this.

    • July 09, 2009 14:22 Reply

      sorry ’bout that! Not sure what happened. Anyhow, audio is fixed. It will start without the 17 minute pause. 🙂

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