Gordo’s Corner – More Interviews with San Antonians

San Antonio Thugs

Remember tha Alamo, yo...

Gordo says “eff it” on his last day in San Antonio and bravely approaches a group of apparent ne’er-do-wells in hopes of mining radio interview gold.  To his surprise, things went over well and Gordo didn’t get himself killed.  Also, it turns out one of the interviewees likes to rap and uses the Ticket as his demo tape.

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(Bonus points if you can identify the thugs)

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  1. Samuel L Jackson
    August 07, 2010 18:21 Reply

    love me some wireless fun. also, those choir boys are none other than cleveland’s finest, bone thugs and harmonious wonder.

    • AP
      August 08, 2010 15:25 Reply

      Nicely done, Mr. Jackson. See you at tha crossroads…

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