Gay or Not Gay – 02/15/11

  • Donovan’s Mittens?
  • Sharing laptop to watch movie on plane?
  • Watching Black Swan on Star’s plane?
  • Guys wearing scarves as accessories?
  • Valentine’s card to Mom from yet to be born child?
  • Christmas letter from vantage point of child or pet?
  • Two guys splitting Valentine’s lunch special?

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  1. juan on a cell phong
    February 22, 2011 19:16 Reply

    Plato de amor? That’s Uncle Julio’s! When I worked there, if I had a table of just all (most likely) straight guys, I’d either skip mentioning it, or call it something else. Cuz 2 dudes sharin’ a ‘Plato de Amor’ is almost just a gay porn, ya know.

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