Concert Calendar 4-30-04

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The Harliners have 2 members of Dallas Rock Band Olospo in studio to help out with the Concert Calender

Leon Russell>Warrant>Jason Bolan>Ricky Lynn Gregg>Dave McKenzie>Sorta>Salim Nourallah>Olospo>Dot Matrix>Grand Funk Railroad>Boy George>Blackhawk>Exodus>Super Diamond>Little Grizzle>Slipknot>Riverboat Gamblers>Deathray Davies>Avenge Sevenfold>Skillet>Jessie Dayton>Taj Majal>POD>Necromantics>Byle>Robotica>Velleo>Red Thread>Great Big Sea>Trip Fontane>and at the Reconsider Lounge : Mexicans Love Soccer, Teddy Gave Me The Clap, and Taint Bruiser

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  1. Jeremy Neel
    October 25, 2013 07:57 Reply

    Could you post the “Rock the Boat” song the Musers made from the Ron Mastry bit?

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